School Council

What happens during the meetings?

Our discussions are packed with ideas that are suggested by each class and then the class representatives raise these at the meeting. The aim is to make our school even better for every individual.

Has the school council been effective?

Yes! During the past few years the school council have helped to improve the school meals, environment and grounds, raised money for charities and worthwhile causes, suggested fun activities during school time and also been involved in the interview process for new staff.

Some of our successes:

In school, we have held talent shows and other fun events to raise funds; helped to decide on the new menus for school lunches; decided on healthy additions to the morning break ‘toast shop’; suggested new equipment for the playgrounds, introduced the successful school shop – which is now run by Mrs Peebles.

So far in 2013/2014:

  • New school councillors elected after each class voted
  • Decided on suitable reward trips for reading around the world project
  • Surveyed their class mates to find out what they liked about school and the school curriculum
  • Helped to determine the look and content of the new school website
  • Helped to plan the school Easter Fair and raise money for the planned school library bus
  • Supported the schools meal service on improving the school dinners


Two children from every class in key stage one and two (one boy and one girl) form our active school council.

2014 – 2014 School Council