Why do we teach music at Parkhead Community Primary School?

Listening to and making music fulfils an instinctive human need for self-expression and creativity. It stimulates responses both on emotional and intellectual levels and perhaps most importantly of all, it can be a life long source of pleasure and a very effective learning tool.

It is education for life.

A study of music can also help to develop self-confidence, aesthetic awareness, physical co-ordination and the skills of communication and co-operation.

We believe in using music to both create a soothing environment for the children to thrive and learn; motivate the children (through pre test maths jingles) and to support the children in learning and recalling facts (maths facts, literacy and science skills).

What are our aims in teaching music at Parkhead Primary School?

Our aims are to:

  • Develop musical skills and concepts through listening, performing, composing and appraising.
  • Develop social skills through co-operation with others in the shared experience of making music
  • Develop an understanding of musical traditions and developments in both our own and other cultures
  • Enrich and support learning in other areas of the curriculum
  • Develop links with our local community through shared musical events

How do we teach music at Parkhead Community Primary School?

Our objectives are derived from our aims in music and form the basis of our planning. Pupils will be given the opportunity to:

  • Listen critically to a wide range of live music
  • Develop their understanding of elements of musical structures
  • Respond using an informed musical vocabulary
  • Perform music from their own and others’ time place and culture
  • Through stimulating creative activities, express their ideas in musical form, communicate by recording on paper, and the use of ICT to capture, change and combine sounds.
  • Develop their abilities both to receive and communicate musical information to each other as listeners, performers and composers
  • Develop an informed appreciation of the origins of different types of music
  • Provide a musical input into class topics and performances where appropriate.
  • Participate in a variety of musical experiences both in and beyond school
  • Use ICT to perform, appraise and compose music.

We use music as an additional teaching tool. To help memorise facts (e.g. Maths Jingles, Literacy songs); motivate the pupils (maths pre test jingles); to develop a calm and focussed environment (Big Write). At Parkhead music is an integral part of our lessons which help make learning tricky elements fun!

Opportunities for performing and composing.

Children have the chance to share their music making in various ways through the year:

  • Performing for their class teacher
  • Performing individually / in pairs / in groups / as a class
  • Performing in class assemblies
  • Participating in concerts both in and out of school

These may include the following:-

  • Harvest, Easter and Christmas performances.
  • Class productions.
  • Musicals (KS2)
  • Weekly family assemblies (KS1)
  • Family sing along sessions (EYFS)
  • Christmas sing a long (KS1)
  • Talent Show (KS1)
  • Choir in and out of school (KS2)
  • Community based performances, eg, choir at Winton court, metro centre, coffee morning, school celebrations; EYFS carol singing to old people’s home.
  • Sing up – playground games, clapping and singing songs