Visits and Visitors

During their education at Parkhead the below is the core expectation for children’s experiences of visits and visitors, click the academic year below to find out what is happening in each year group.


Throughout their educational journey in our school (from 3 years old to 11 years old) we aim for every child to access a broad range of additional experiences.  These involve visits off site as well as welcoming visitors into school, in order to enhance their awareness of themselves and the wider community.  All children will:

  • have experience of handling animals
  • have first hand scientific experiences through the onsite forest school
  • have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument
  • take part in sporting activities led by specialist sports coaches
  • learn how to grow their own fruit and vegetables
  • visit a museum
  • visit an art gallery
  • visit a seaside location
  • visit a national park
  • visit the local church and another significant place of worship
  • work with a chef
  • work with an artist
  • work with a published author
  • enjoy being involved in a music workshop
  • enjoy a theatre performance
  • enjoy learning about other cultures in different cultural focussed workshops
  • enjoy taking part in national initiatives such as Sports Relief, World Book Day etc

In addition all children will meet different key services, to teach specific personal safety issues:

  • Fire services
  • Police
  • School nurse
  • School sports co-ordinator
  • Neighbourhood wardens
  • B.I.G – Bullying Intervention Group (also includes teaching about E-Safety)
  • Cycling proficiency (Y5)
  • ROSPA (road safety)