Anti-bullying Week

This year’s theme for anti-bullying week was ‘Power for Good’. At Parkhead we used our powers against bullying in lots of different ways. The week began with a Whole school assembly to launch Anti-bullying week on the Monday. Each year group was given a different type of bullying such as verbal, physical, emotional and prejudice driven bullying to become experts in over the course of the week. On Wednesday we held a parent’s event where parent’s and carers were invited into school to complete an anti-bullying craft activity/carousel of activities with their child based around each year group’s allocated type of bullying. It was lovely to see so many families working alongside each other! To close the week we held a celebration assembly which was an opportunity for each year group to showcase what they had learnt over the week and how they had been using their powers against bullying! The children dressed in as much blue as possible. We also announced the new members of our Anti-bullying focus group for this school year who will meet to discuss ideas of how we can make things better at Parkhead and keep fighting against bullying! Thank you to all of you who came into school over the week to support the event.

We believe that each individual has the right to feel and be safe, to learn, and to be treated with respect and valued. Everyone at Parkhead Primary School has pledged to prevent all forms of bullying. We aim to create a safe, happy, stimulating environment for all our children. If problems of bullying so arise and satisfactory outcomes are to be achieved, then school and home must work together.

Please click on the links before for child friendly leaflets on the issues of bullying.


Anti Bullying LeafletEng

Child leaflet

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You can also view our school Anti-Bullying Policy here which is validated by B.I.G.