Parents Feedback

The purpose of this section is to share responses to feedback given about different general aspects of school (not individual pupil cases).

Feedback Response
Some parents and carers suggested that it would be helpful to have a time which they could have an open meeting with the Headteacher and Governors to discuss issues and ideas, feel more involved in school community. A series of Parents Forum Meetings has been established which happen each half term.
Some parents and carers said that they were unsure about the role of school governors. The Chair of Governors wrote to all parents introducing herself as the new chair and explained
the role of governors.
Parents and carers suggested having photographs of governors in the entrance so
that they know who the governors by sight.
A photo board  set up in the main school entrance
Parents expressed concern over the quality of school meals. Friends of Parkhead group were invited into school to sample the school meals and taste the choice
available on different days.The school meals service met with parents and children to find out about the concerns and identify favourite meal choices – as a consequence a new menu was established and in place for the next half term.
Parents, carers and pupils suggested that the website was not easy to navigate around and did not display enough images of the children. A new website was designed in consultation with parents, staff and pupils with lots of new content.  This was launched with a whole school website quiz.