What do we like about our school?

We spoke to the children in our school and they told us what they like about it.

Here are some of their comments below.
















Key Stage One and Two
I think the amount of different lessons is great as it gives us different experiences. Everyone is kind and we have good friends here. There is a huge field and yard with lots of different activities.
There is a good range of books in the library and you can always make requests for specific books. I really like the forest school and getting close to nature.  The FS lessons always go so quickly! I like the adventure trail because it helps me to improve my balance and it’s fun to play on.
We go on great trips to different places. We have lots of good learning facilities. When we go down to the woods you always have good fun!
We do accelerated reader which really makes us want to read more. I like this school because we get to do fun activities and get to do stuff with our friends. There are lots of different rewards for good learning.
We have a good selection of clubs The best thing about our school is the PE, because I love sport and we get to do so many different sports. I like going on the school trips, because we have fun, but learn loads!
I love the art because at home I am not able to draw, but at school I learn to practise lots of different art skills. I like being with my friends and having fun at school. We always have great D&T and art projects.
I like going on different sports competitions and being on the school football team. I love all the lessons in school – especially the maths! I like school because the learning is hard.
I like our school because the teachers are nice and kind to us all. Swimming is the best thing that I have learned at school.  Without being taken I would have never learned to swim. You always learn new and interesting things.
I like English because I have got much better at my writing and I enjoy it now. Learning all about World War II – it is so interesting! In every lesson a bit of fun is added to make it enjoyable for the students.
The teachers are encouraging. I like the use of ICT because we get to use the ipads to learn. I like this school because in Forest School we learn how to cook and build just like the the Anglo Saxons did.  Not every school is lucky enough to have a Forest School.