School Council

What happens during the meetings?

Two children from every class in key stage one and two (one boy and one girl) form our active school council. Our discussions are packed with ideas that are suggested by each class and then the class representatives raise these at the meeting. The aim is to make our school even better for every individual.

Has the school council been effective?

Yes! During the past few years the school council have helped to improve the school meals, environment and grounds; looked at the issues surrounding the parking outside school and written to parents with their findings; raised money for charities and worthwhile causes; suggested fun activities during school time; and also been involved in the interview process for new staff.

So far this year:

  • New school councillors elected after each class voted
  • Helped raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support by holding a coffee afternoon for parents
  • Reviewed the lunchtime yard rules and created a video to share with the other children.
  • Met with representatives from Orian to give feedback about our school dinners.