Year 1S

Year 1 have had a super start to their school year! We have learned a lot of interesting facts during our topic ‘Animal Kingdom’ as well as using their features to classify them into their animal groups. We also used our investigation skills  in Science, applying our understanding of animal diets to identify the poo culprit! We were also able to show case our super animal knowledge during our visit to Kirkley Zoological Gardens, where we met some amazing creatures and learned more about their habitat.

We have also been able to transform into some of our favourite animals during our yoga sessions, which we have thoroughly enjoyed, helping us to further develop our listening skills.

‘Planning time’ is a valuable experience which allows the children the opportunity to explore and share their own interests with their peers and adults. It is a time where children can follow their own lines of enquiry, along with developing their social skills and resilience. We have been amazed at what the children have created so far this term.