We loved our trip to the Discovery Museum to learn more about our topic, World War Two. We had time to explore the museum first, where we learned about the history of Newcastle, including throughout the war years. Then, we took part in a workshop where we had the chance to handle real artefacts from the war, discussing why they were used and who used them. We also had a go at rationing in groups, creating a weekly shopping list and food diary. It showed us just how hard it must have been during this time!


Year 5 have been learning about levers, gears and pulleys in our Science unit about Forces. We identified different objects as a lever, gear or pulley and then had a go at making our own lever with cardboard, paperclips and elastic bands. It was tricky to make them, but if definitely helped our understanding of how levers work.













Whilst learning about Climate Change, 5MG completed a case study on the Maldives. We found out that if sea levels continue to rise due to global warming, the Maldives could be under water within the next 50 years. The children learnt about what global warming is, what is causing global warming and what changes we can make in our lives to reduce the damage we are doing to our planet. We created fabulous double page spreads to display our new knowledge.

For Harvest this year, we were asked to think about what gifts we had been given by God. We discussed what we thought our gifts and talents were and then created a tree bearing fruits which represented the different gifts from God we were thankful for.
Lucy told us about her gift from God…

I think my talent from God is that I can dance and I am able to pick up dance routines very quickly. I started dancing when I was 3 and have been dancing ever since because I just love to dance. I am now in a dance group and take part in competitions. I’ve got 2 competitions coming up in November. My Mam and Dad encouraged me to take up dancing and I am glad they did.