Anti-bullying Week

This year’s theme for Anti-bullying week was ‘Change starts with us’. At Parkhead, we started Anti-bullying week early this year by celebrating Friendship Friday where we began thinking about what we can all do to create a better world. The children, with help from Elmer the Elephant, were encouraged to see how everyone has a part to play in creating a world that is friendlier and kinder. We all have a role in creating kind and supportive communities where children and young people can feel safe and supported and this is what we discussed with the children during the day.

During Anti-bullying week, we thought carefully about how we can choose to be kind to each other so that bullying never exists in our school. The week began on the Monday with a whole school assembly to launch Anti-bullying week where we introduced to the children the theme for the week and the activities that would be taking place. Each year group was given a different type of bullying to focus on such as verbal, physical, emotional and prejudice driven bullying to become experts in over the course of the week. We celebrated Odd Socks Day on the Tuesday and children came to school wearing their odd socks to show that everyone is unique. On Wednesday we held a parent’s event where parents and carers were invited into school to complete an anti-bullying craft activity with their child based around the theme ‘Change starts with us’. It was lovely to see so many families working alongside each other and there was a real buzz around school! Each child was asked to design a piece of bunting with an anti-bullying message and these are going on display around school. To close the week, we held a celebration assembly, which was an opportunity for each year group to showcase what they had learned over the week and how they had been thinking about what they would change to make our school and community an even happier place! It was a fabulous week and we would like to thank all of the families who came into school over the week to support the event.

Following on from Anti-bullying week, we have elected Anti-bullying Ambassadors, who have been chosen from each class, to help create and introduce new anti-bullying initiatives throughout school. We look forward to seeing what they come up with over the year.

Please click on the links before for child friendly leaflets on the issues of bullying.

Anti-bullying Leaflet

Anti Bullying Leaflet

Child Leaflet

Don’t Bully Me – Kidscape

You Can Beat Bullying

You can also view our school Anti-Bullying Policy here which is validated by B.I.G.