Early Years Foundation Stage

“Outcomes for children in the early years foundation stage are excellent. As a result of some outstanding teaching, they make rapid progress from their starting points, which are below national expectations.” Ofsted 2012

Another key strength within our constantly changing curriculum; we plan daily from the children’s interests both indoors and outdoors. This enables the staff to direct their teaching to key areas of the individual child’s development, along with enabling the children to have a real enthusiasm and independence in their learning.

“There is a wide range of engaging activities, both indoors and outdoors, which help children to thrive in all aspects of learning.” Ofsted 2012

Throughout the week we provide various small group teacher focussed activities which provide children with appropriate challenges to support the individual needs and development of our children.

Funky Fingers

All children take part in daily ‘Funky Fingers’ activities.  This involves a variety of fun fine motor activities where they use their fingers to develop their muscles for writing.  Take a look at the fun they are having!

Dough Disco

Alongside funky fingers the children also take part in activity called ‘Dough Disco’.  This again is exercise for the fingers to improve fine muscle control and is particularly good before long writing tasks as a warm-up but essential every day exercise for foundation stage.

Plan Do Review

This three-part sequence has a significant impact on our children’s development across all areas of the EYFS curriculum.


In this first 10 – 15 minute session the children plan what they would like to do in the classroom or outdoors (the area to visit, materials to use and friends to play with). This may be an activity suggested by an adult or they may share their own ideas. During this time the children are encouraged to talk using sentences and provide as much information about their plan as possible to promote their communication, language and literacy skills. This is then noted by the adult to support the reviewing process.


The children are then given the opportunity to follow their plans with the support of adults if needed during a session of 45 – 60 minutes independent learning (or shift to new activities that interest them). During this time the adults will build on the children’s interests, used skilled questioning and draw on key areas of development through the child’s plan.


During a 10 – 15 minute review time the children are again given the opportunity to further develop their communication, language and literacy skills whilst reviewing and recalling what they’ve learned. The adult supports the talking by asking relevant questions and building on their sentence structure. This also provides opportunities for the adult to determine suitable further provision to enhance the learning opportunities within the environment.

Read Write Inc.

Reception children take part in a daily Read, Write Inc. session, where they are taught to read using a character called Fred the frog. The children build on their knowledge of letters and sounds to enable them to read and write simple words and sentences and develop into fluent readers, confident speakers and willing readers.  All staff have received two days of training as well as continuous on site training in his structured programme which is continued as the children move into key stage one in order to support their rapid development.

Forest School

We are lucky enough to have a level 3 qualified forest school leader within our team, which enables us to provide the children with a weekly forest school session in our on-site woodland. The children are given the opportunity to take part in a plan, do, review session in the natural environment.  This allows the children to explore and develop their knowledge of the natural world through the use of all their senses. Within our forest school sessions we encourage the children to be as independent as possible; from dressing themselves appropriately to taking charge of their own and their friends safety.

“… (The Forest School) excites children and pupils in all year groups. It develops their love of the beauty of the natural world and their skills in science.” Ofsted 2012

Choosing Childcare to suit your needs

Finding childcare suitable to suit your needs is often challenging and expensive. At Parkhead Nursery we have listened to parents and have adapted our curriculum and childcare services to be flexible enough to suit the needs of most families.

We offer 15 hours free childcare per week which can be tailored for parents depending on what they require.

During the Summer and Autumn 2015 term we are offering additional afternoon or morning sessions on top of the free provision to parents so children can stay full days for just £5 including their lunch time session.

Our nursery sessions start at 8.45am until 11.45am and 12.30pm – 3.30pm. Lunch session is from 11.45am – 12.45pm.

Parents can choose to add a Breakfast club session if required which starts from 7.45am or an After school session  that starts at 3.30pm until 6pm if they have extended childcare needs.

Our pricing structure is as follows:

Breakfast club – £2.50

Nursery sessions – 15 hours free

Additional session – morning or afternoon £5 including lunch until December 2015 ( £8 per session from January 2016)

Lunch session – free until December 2015 (£2.50 per session from January 2016)

After school club session – £2.50 until 4.15pm , £3.50 including a light tea until 5pm and £6 until 6pm.

After school club sessions are fun and interactive and a different planned activity takes place every day, for example at the moment we offer , Monday – Cookery, Tuesday – Gardening, Wednesday- Spanish , Thursday – Multisports and Friday – ICT.

Examples of childcare costs:

1.If you would like your child to attend nursery school between 8.45am and 3.30pm every day, 5 days a week the cost will be just £25 per week or £5 per day until December 2015.

2. If you would like to drop your child off from 7.45am and pick them up at 5pm, this would currently cost £11 per day.

Please telephone Mandy Tulip, Business Manager at Parkhead to arrange a visit to our nursery and tailor your childcare to suit your needs.

0191 433 4146 or 07786592634 or you can email mandytulip@parkheadprimary.org