The Teaching of Reading

Our Reading Vision

  • For all children to develop a true enjoyment of listening to stories and reading for pleasure and learning.
  • Through a variety of different activities all children will become confident in retelling/acting out stories and reciting poetry with increasing knowledge/techniques for engaging an audience.
  • Reading skills and the understanding of different texts will be taught specifically in English and guided reading lessons in addition to through regular dialogic book talk of the class text.
  • The development of reading skills will be seamlessly weaved into all curriculum subjects.
  • We believe that each and every child deserves the right to enjoy the ability to read at an age appropriate level and will relentlessly strive to achieve this.

How do we achieve this?

At Parkhead Primary, it is our aim to develop confident and enthusiastic readers, who can access and understand a wide range of texts and who view reading as a joy and lifelong skill.

We provide lots of reading opportunities and are constantly purchasing high quality reading material and improving facilities in order to develop this interest and support the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Whilst a systematic phonic approach is at the heart of our teaching of reading, throughout the school we use different approaches for the teaching of reading depending upon the individual’s needs.

Please click the link below to see how we teach it throughout the whole school.

How do we teach reading?

Taught by Well Trained Adults

Within KS1 and KS2 we have a number of staff trained in the teaching of reading through specific programmes:

  1. the systematic phonics scheme Read, Write Inc
  2. Accelerated Reader
  3. Reading Plus
  4. the 1:1 reading intervention
  5. fluency groups

All staff receive regular updated in house, Local Authority and external training in the teaching of reading.

Reading volunteers receive regular training on supporting individuals.

How are parents encouraged to help?

At Parkhead, we strive to develop a strong partnership between home and school. Home-reading books are sent home regularly to encourage parents to contribute to their child’s reading development. Parents and teachers are required to comment in individual reading record books.

We recognise that some adults may have poor literacy skills and therefore can struggle in knowing what support they can provide in developing reading at home. Therefore, ‘Family Learning’ sessions and ‘Reading Together’ sessions have helped to develop many of our parents’ confidence and ability to do so.  If there is any specific training that you would like us to provide please contact school.