Mastery in Maths

Mastery is the ultimate aim of learning. Mastery is a philosophy to teaching and learning and at Parkhead we have a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Our lessons are designed to allow children to practice basic skills and apply skills by making links and connections to other areas of the mathematics curriculum. We believe that having high expectations of every learner can transform achievement for every child in mathematics. A whole class/year group will move at broadly the same pace through the curriculum; for those children who rapidly grasp concepts they will not be rushed onto new content but rather participate in activities which are designed to deepen their understanding. In doing this, we have two ambitions: to place high expectations for potential for all learners and have greater proportions of children excelling in mathematics.

Our mastery curriculum is motivated by a commitment to transforming achievement for all. This means are lessons are cumulative and build on prior learning, with sufficient time for every child to access age-appropriate concepts and skills. For high attainers, support and challenge is offered through depth of understanding including: mathematical thinking, multiple representations and communication.

In school we work hard to show our understanding using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of mathematics and the children are encouraged to use accurate and precise mathematical language to communicate their thinking. This supports children in reasoning mathematically and making connections. We do this using STEM sentences and an ‘I say, you say, we say’ approach whereby teachers model language used correctly, the children repeat and then a class repeats. This approach is inspired by Singapore mathematics – the leading country in the world for mathematical education.



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