March 23, 2020

There are a number of home learning packs still at school that have not been picked up yet. Parents are welcome to come and pick them up from the KS2 main office  between 9am and 3pm this week.


We ask that parents press the buzzer at the main office door and wait for a member of staff to take their name over the intercom. Please respect social distancing guidelines and if someone is already waiting at the door then please wait at the top of the steps until the person is leaving the car park and do not gather in groups. Due to the restrictions in place we won’t be admitting children of parents or parents in to school premises. The pack will be brought to the delivery entrance for parents to pick them up


In the event your family is self-isolating, please telephone the school office and let us know the name of the adult that is picking your pack up.

If you have any queries, please call the school office on 0191 433 4146 or you can email or text us as usual.

If you are not able to come to school or have an adult who can do this because they are self isolating then please call, text or email school to advise us.