New Facebook page

May 4, 2020

Parkhead Community Primary School New Facebook Group

We are delighted to be launching our new Facebook group for parents and carers. It has been created as a way of keeping parents and families informed of school activities and events taking place, as well as sharing the fantastic work and achievements of our children, through a medium which is preferred by many.

We recognise that the use of Social Media is an effective and powerful way in which to communicate and connect with each other. It will run alongside our other methods of communication such as email, text messaging, Twitter, Marvellous Me! and the school website – not to replace these.

How to join Parkhead Primary School Facebook Group

After receiving this email or text please respond with the following:

I agree to the PARENT FACEBOOK CODE OF CONDUCT for the group and my Facebook name is: xxxxxxxxxx

After we receive your text or email as above we will send you a friend request to join our group.

Initially we will only add names that match the primary contacts on our school database. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact school through the normal methods of communication to discuss it with us.

In order for this Facebook page to be a success, we are asking for your positive support when using the page and we ask that you read our parent code of conduct below before requesting to join the group.


We ask that your online behaviour reflects the same standards of respect, consideration, responsibility and maturity that are required when communicating in person.

  • If you are responding to one of our posts, please only add photographs of your own children. For privacy and protection, please do not add photos of other children and please do not name them in your comments.
  • Ensure that your posts are not breaching our PARENT FACEBOOK CODE OF CONDUCT.
  • Photographs, videos or any image of pupils, staff or any member of our school community must not be published on a personal or public web space.
  • Screenshots should not be taken of any posts within the group and should not be shared external to the group.
  • Please ensure posts are respectful and show consideration for others. Do not use threatening behaviour, such as verbally intimidating staff, or using bad language.
  • We will not tolerate abusive or personal comments about staff, governors, children or other parents and any such comments will be deleted from the group.
  • Make certain not to use social media to publicly challenge school policies, make allegations or discuss issues about individual children or members of staff. Please contact us directly to discuss any concerns. This will ensure they are dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • The school administrators regularly monitor the site and will remove comments that do not adhere to our code of conduct. Comments are also subject to Facebook’s Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. Facebook also encourages all users to use the “Report” links when they find abusive/inappropriate content.
  • Inappropriate use of social media by a parent to publicly humiliate or criticise another parent, member of staff or child will result in actions in accordance with our social media policy such as removal from the group.
  • Parents and carers should only use the names of adults in response to posts and the first name of children to acknowledge someone’s great work or contribution.

We reserve the right to block users whose posts/details do not reflect our code of conduct.



  • Users will not be able to author a posting of their own or load media such as videos or photos to a new post, however, users will be able to like, comment and add photographs/videos to the school’s posts and on comments by other users within the post.
  • We encourage parents and carers to continue to email their child’s learning and pictures to the year group emails and if you would like this added to our Facebook group please make this clear to the teacher and we will endeavour to add as many posts as possible. If your photograph is relevant to an existing Facebook post, please just add it yourself!
  • Tags do not work external to our group and therefore tagging is not used.
  • We encourage you to provide positive and constructive comments to our posts.
  • Our Facebook page is a Closed group and is only available to parents and carers of pupils currently attending our school
  • No persons under 13 are eligible to join (e.g. no pupils can join!)
  • All posts will be reviewed by the Admin team and inappropriate or negative posts will be removed.


We look forward to receiving your email or text agreeing to our code of conduct and friend name so we can add you to our group. We hope you will enjoy viewing our posts and find the site informative and helpful!