Admission to school

New pupils are always welcome! We would encourage you to visit the school to help you make this important decision on your child’s education and, where appropriate, provide short visits for transferring pupils prior to their start date in order to support them in this transition. If your child is starting nursery and reception classes we will send you further information about induction sessions and stay and play visits once they are registered with us.

Please contact the school office, on 0191 433 5618, to arrange a visit.


Once your child turns 3 years of age they can start nursery at our school. During covid 19 we have produced an introductory video for parents and children to watch before they start nursery!

Nursery Induction Video

If you would like to register a place for our nursery please fill out the forms here and return them directly to the school office.

Nursery Registration Form

Parent Declaration Form

Pupil Consent Form 

30_Hours Free_Childcare_Eligibility


If your child is due to start Reception you must apply on line via the Gateshead council website.

Primary School Admissions

Admission policies

The local authority allocate places at Parkhead Community Primary School using the policies on their website.

Gateshead School Admission Arrangements 

Our nursery admissions arrangements are referenced in our school admissions policy below.

Nursery Admissions policy

In-year transfers

Parents with children of statutory school age who either

  • move into Gateshead and need a school place,
  • or are resident in Gateshead and wish to change their child’s school,

must complete a School Transfer Application Form. Paper copies are available from the School Admissions Team on telephone number 0191 433 8589 or you can come to our school office for a copy. Our school staff will assist you with the process and scan and send the form to the admissions team for you.

We warmly welcome parents and children to come and visit our school if they are thinking of transferring. Please contact us to arrange an appointment on 0191 433 5618.