Getting to school and being on time

Click here for our parent fact sheet: Attendance Leaflet for Parents

Why is it so important to arrive on time?

We would like to remind all of our parents how important it is for your children to attend school regularly and avoid any unnecessary absence in order for them to reach their full potential . During the mornings all children across the school focus on numeracy and literacy and this is an essential part of their learning. Arriving at school late can often mean they miss an important session and it then becomes difficult for them to catch up on some of the essential instructions. Please make an effort to ensure your child arrives promptly, school opens at 8.45am and lessons start at 8.55am each morning.

What does 96% attendance mean?

The government target that we need to reach to be a good school is 96%. So for example if your child is off 9 days during the academic year this would be the equivalent of a 95% attendance, so please try and minimise the time off ill and for holidays. We had a lot of queries from parents last year about holidays and medical appointments unfortunately this does contribute towards the % attendance, so if you did decide to take 2 weeks off to go on holiday during term time this would lower your child’s attendance below 95%. If your child has a medical appointment try and get this for the late afternoon and they then can get both morning and afternoon marks in the register.

What do I do if my child is absent?


If your child is unavoidably ill please remember to telephone school to report the absence before 9.30am. You can telephone the school on 0191 433 4144 and leave a message, or if you prefer you can use our new text service if this is easier. Our text number is 01915800385 It is important that we know your child is absent so we can ensure their safety on site at school as well as supporting you, should you have any problems. If you do not report the absence then we have to record it as unauthorised absence with no reason and if this continues we have to report it to the educational welfare officer who would contact you to discuss further.

Ongoing issues/medical problems

If your child has an ongoing issue or medical problem please make sure you have filled in a health care plan with Mrs Hawthorn in the office so we are aware of the issues and ensure care at school if needed. If your child has a dentist/doctor/optician appointment, you will need to ensure you bring in the appointment card when your child needs to leave school early or late. The school nurses are always available if you need advice and can be contacted on 03000031918.

Please remember persistent or regular absence can only be authorised if medical evidence is provided by a G.P. or Consultant. Failure to provide this evidence may result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised and again a referral to the Education Welfare officer.

Holidays in Term Time

Parkhead Primary school follow the Gateshead council and government guidance and do not authorise holidays in term time unless there is exceptional circumstances.

Please read the attached document which gives further advice relating to absence during term time. Taking holidays during term time may result in a penalty notice.

Holiday in Term Time – Parents Leaflet