September 5, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,


School will reopen to all children in Year 1 to Year 6 on Tuesday 8th September.

We are really looking forward to welcoming all of the children back to school in September – we have really missed them.

We have worked hard to ensure that the plans and measures in place, in line with the latest government and local authority guidance, will ensure a smooth return to school for all of our children.

We are still receiving regular updates and guidance from the government and local authority which means we will need to adapt and update our plans in response to these. Please bear with us and we will keep you up to date with any changes necessary. If you feel anything is not working or is working particularly well, we would welcome your feedback.

Class ‘Bubbles’

· The children will remain in their class bubble for the majority of the day.

· Each class bubble needs to be kept separate from other year groups as much as we can manage although there will be times such as ‘drop-off’, ‘pick-up’, lunchtime and playtime that we will bring two class groups together to form an extended bubble in shared spaces outside of the classroom.

· Within the classroom bubble in school, in line with government guidance, the children do not need to maintain a social distance and can sit next to each other.

· The government guidance does suggest that adults in school should maintain the distance from each other and from children wherever possible.

Drop-off and Pick-up times

· We must ask all parents to comply with 2 metre social distancing measures at drop off and collection.

· Please ensure only one adult drops off and collects.

· We ask that parents leave the site and areas around school gates as soon as they ‘drop-off’ and collect children to avoid congestion around the site.

· Parents of children in Year 5 and Year 6 can decide whether their children can make the journey to and from school themselves. If you choose to bring and collect your child we ask that you do not enter the school grounds to minimise the amount of adults on site.

· Parents and families must remain 2 metres apart when arriving and leaving school. This extends to the areas outside the school gate and we are asked to ensure that parents disperse quickly and do not gather on the pavements outside school to support social distancing and reduce risk.

· Please supervise children carefully at drop off and collection, keeping them close.

· Teachers will need to focus on safe and handover of children so they will find it difficult to engage in conversations at this time. They also need to maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from any adult so it will be difficult to have a private conversation with them.

· Please share anything urgent with the school office by telephone and the appropriate member of staff will contact you as soon as they are able to. This is not the usual way we would work but we need to ensure the safety of everyone.

KS1 Timings

Class Drop-off Pick-up

Year 1 -Miss Stott 8.55 3.05

Year 1 -Miss Crabtree 9.00 3.10

Year 2 – Miss Glenton 8.45 2.55

Year 2 – Mrs Myers/Mrs Leach 8.50 3.00

KS1 Drop-off

One-Way System in operation – Enter through Main gate to KS1 Yard follow the path from the yard up to the KS1 door. After dropping-off your child, follow the path around the building and exit through KS1 car park.

KS1 Pick up

· Parents to wait socially distanced on the yard.

· Only one parent/adult per child to come onto school yard.

· Children will be brought to school yard by class teacher and ‘handed over’.

· We ask that parents do not gather at bottom of the path or around the door at home time so that we can ensure that children can be collected safely.

KS2 Drop-off

Class Drop-off Pick-up Drop-off Point

Year 3 – Miss Jaremko 8.55 3.10 Main gate to KS2 yard

Year 3 – Miss Taylor 8.55 3.10 Main gate to KS2 yard

Year 4 – Mrs Miller/Mrs Laidler 8.45 3.05 Main gate to KS2 yard

Year 4 – Mr. Black 8.45 3.00 Main gate to KS2 yard

Year 5 – Miss Brown 9.00 3.20 Car Park – through gate path alongside KS2 building to zone

Year 5 – Mrs Stephenson 9.00 3.20 Car Park – through gate path alongside KS2 building to zone

Year 6 – Mr Bee 8.45 3.10 Car Park – through gate path alongside KS2 building to zone

Year 6 – Mrs Mordue/Mrs Gott 8.45 3.10 Car Park – through gate path alongside KS2 building to zone

Parents are asked to ‘drop-off’ the children at the school gates. A member of staff will be on the gate and the children will walk down the ramp to meet their teacher or teaching assistant on the yard.

Key stage 2 – Pick-up

· Y3, Y4 and Y5 Parents to wait socially distanced on the yard in marked zones

· Please try to arrive as close to pick up time as possible to avoid congestion

· Please do not block the school gates or pavement. Children will only be released to parents on the yard

· Only one parent/adult per child to come onto school yard. Children will be brought to school yard by class teacher and ‘handed over’.

· Please leave the yard via the ramp as soon as you collect your child.

Parents of children in Year 5 and Year 6

· If you would like your child to walk home themselves, please can you email the school office and give permission.

· We are going to use the KS2 Car Park gate for the Year 5 and Year 6 children to enter in the morning to ease congestion at the KS2 Yard entrance. The gates will be closed to cars and a member of staff will open one gate to ensure safety.

· Y6 children will be dismissed from the KS2 car park gate.

· Y5 children will be dismissed from the KS2 Yard

If you have children in two year groups with the same timing, please drop off your oldest child first and pick up your youngest child first. Staff will be on hand so we will supervise the children until you can collect them.

What do children need to bring to school?

· To reduce the risk, we are asking that the children bring nothing to school with them apart from a coat and water bottle – no pencil cases, toys etc.

· Please avoid bringing large bags and rucksacks.

· Please ensure that your child has a labelled water bottle in school each day.

· Reading books and homework can be sent between home and school.

· Children must come in school uniform, including plain black school shoes. Please ensure all items of uniform is named as we will not be able to store lost property.

· Most PE lessons will take place outside. On days where the children have PE they should come to school in their PE kit. We ask that they wear their school PE t-shirt or a plain white T-shirt (no strappy or football tops) with their school sweatshirt on top, plain black jogging trousers (without logos and not leggings) and trainers. Parents will be informed of which days the children will be doing PE at the beginning of term.

· We intend to increase the amount of physical activity the children do by completing the ‘Golden Mile Daily Challenge’. We ask that children have a pair of trainers (not expensive) that they can leave in school to take part in these sessions. If any parent has any financial difficulties providing a pair of trainers to leave in school, please contact us.

· Children should not be wearing any jewellery.


· School packed lunches are available to order on Lunchshop. Please order at home where possible as this saves time in class. If you have forgotten or need a login, please email and we will email to it to you

· The children will be eating lunch in the classrooms for the first two weeks. During this time there will be an option of a packed lunch or baked potato which will be delivered to the classroom for the children.

· If you wish to bring a packed lunch in from home, you may. Lunch can be brought in a brown paper disposable bag or in a labelled packed lunch box.

Breakfast and After School clubs

These will only operate for working parents for the first half term as can only accommodate limited numbers. A separate letter detailing arrangements has been sent to parents who registered for this prior to the summer holidays.

Hygiene Measures

· Children will be washing their hands at regular intervals throughout the day. We also have anti-bacterial gel available at entrances and around the school.

· There will be increased cleaning both during the day of desks and cleaning staff will thoroughly clean each classroom daily

· Doors will be kept open where possible to prevent contact with door handles.

· Current government and local authority guidance, based on scientific advice is that primary school children should not wear face masks in school.


We know that many of our children have not been at school now for quite some time and will need time to adjust to some of the changes and get back into a routine. Therefore, at first we will concentrate on social and emotional well-being, basic skills, exercise and have lots of breaks. We want the children to come back and have fun, feel safe and build up their confidence. This is our priority to begin with. We are confident that the children will settle back into school life quicky. However, if you have any concerns, please ring us and we will arrange either for the class teacher or a member of the leadership team to speak to you.

Keeping the School Community Safe

· If your child is unwell, they must not attend school and you must report the reason for their absence. You must inform school if your child or any member of your household is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 whilst not in school

· If there are any Covid-19 symptoms, either for your child or within your household, children must not attend and the household must self-isolate for the required time (10-14 days depending on circumstances) and arrange Covid-19 testing in line with guidance. Parents must inform school if this is the case.

· Parents must inform school if a child or a member of the household tests positive for Covid-19. This will be reported to the Health Protection Team and school will act on their advice.

· Parents must inform school if they or their child have been advised to self-isolate by the NHS Test and Trace Service. This will be reported to the Health Protection Team and school will act on their advice.

· If a child displays symptoms at school they’ll be taken to a designated area away from the other pupils with a member of staff with PPE. You will be asked to pick them up The areas where the child has been will be thoroughly cleaned.

· Again you and your child will need to isolate and get a test as soon as possible. If the test is negative the child can come back to school once we’ve seen the results. If positive inform school as soon as possible and we’ll follow the advice of Public Health England. In the event that a bubble does close then we’ll provide online learning.

I know there is a lot of information but please make sure you have read this letter carefully. Please e-mail if you have any queries in relation to the above information. A member of staff will either respond to the email or telephone where appropriate.

Kind Regards

Mrs Bailey