Update on return to school

June 3, 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope this finds you well. I am writing to let you know about plans and time scales for the wider reopening of our school. We feel that the best way to safely manage a wider return to school is on a phased basis which will begin next week.

The proposed plan for the rest of this term is as follows:

Key Worker and Vulnerable Pupils – 8th June 2020

From next week, we will be welcoming more of our key worker and vulnerable children in to school. Due to the increase in numbers, and in line with government guidance, we will be organising the key worker and vulnerable pupils into smaller groups or ‘bubbles.’

  • The children will be taught in a group with a size that allows for social distancing within the classroom – this means that they may not be with their class teacher, or be in the same group as some other children in their class. Arrival and departure times will be staggered in accordance with government guidance.
  • This group will not mix with any other groups, so their lessons and playtimes will be separate from the other groups.
  • Children in one bubble will not be able to mix with children from another bubble at any point during the school day even if they are in the same year group.
  • Each group will have one teacher, where possible, and most instances (where staffing allows) a teaching assistant allocated to it.

If you are a key worker and anticipate you will need to take up your place in the coming weeks, please inform us as soon as possible, if you have not done so already. We will be writing to all key worker parents separately to explain the changes in routine.

Year 6 Pupils – 15th June 2020

From Monday 15th June we plan to open up to year 6 pupils. We are sending out further guidance to Year 6 parents today on how this will operate and will then ask that parents contact school to confirm if their child will definitely be returning. This will enable us to ensure adequate staffing levels and confirm start and finish times.

Eligible pupils from Year 1, Reception and Nursery

The success of these initial phases, will be continuously reviewed. Following the review, additional eligible year groups (Year 1, Reception and Nursery) may be invited to return to school. However, this will depend on ongoing risk assessments, health and safety considerations and availability of space and staffing levels.

The government guidelines state that children should now be taught in smaller groups of no more than 15, however, our classrooms can only accommodate a maximum of 10 children to comply with social distancing measures. Our ability to open up to further year group will be dependent on the number of parents who take up their children’s places.

Many of you have indicated that you do not wish to send your children back at this stage. We respect your decision and would like to reassure you that no further action will be taken if you make this choice. We will continue to provide home learning for all pupils who remain at home.

We appreciate your continued patience and support in this matter. The health and safety of our pupils, families and staff is our main priority as always and this why we are taking a cautious phased approach and will be constantly reviewing all of our arrangements.

If you have any queries, please contact us.

Best wishes


Mrs Bailey