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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Once the children have finished the RWInc phonics programme, usually in Year 2, they will come home with an Accelerated reading book.


How does Accelerated Reader Work?

Each term your child will do a Star Reader assessment on the computer which usually takes about 20 mins. From the result of this they will be allocated a ZPD score which will enable them to select a book that interested them and is at the correct level of challenge for them. It is important for children to read with a high degree of understanding and within his/her ZPD. This means that your child will not only be able to read the book, but understand enough of the words and meaning to have a good comprehension of what has been read. This sound understanding will also help your child to more easily draw on contextual clues to decipher words, phrases or sentences which are less familiar.


These books will be read independently in school and at home as the children’s home readers. A reading diary will accompany this book so any adults who read with your child, both and home and in school, can share their comments and praise. This helps to support and motivate the child as well as share valuable information about your child’s progress.


Once the children have read the book they will complete a quiz on the computer in school. This will consist on 5-20 multiple choice questions depending on the length of the book. If the children achieve 80% or more on three books they can move up one decimal point on their ZPD.


What books are available for the children to choose from?

The joy of Accelerated Reader is that children can choose from a wide range of books. These can be reading scheme books but also everyday fiction and non-fiction books that could be found in bookshops or libraries. These books have been allocated a ZPD level based on the vocabulary and sentence structure included in the book. The aim is that every child will be able to read books that interest and enthuse them.


How to the teachers monitor this?

Although the children can choose the book they wish to read teachers will support them in picking books that are appropriate for their age and stamina. They will also encourage them to read a range of genres and authors to broaden their reading experience and develop their skills.


Reading for Pleasure at Home

You may wish to use your local library or books from home with the programme. AR Book Finder can be accessed directly here.


You can carry out a quick search to see if a book has an AR quiz, or use an advanced search to check for books at a certain level or a particular genre or topic. For example, the search facility means that you can see if there is a quiz for a book that a child owns at home. Alternatively, if you are encouraging your child to read a wider range of books, then you can search for one with, for example, a historical or futuristic setting. Your child is then more than welcome to bring the book in to school and quiz on it.