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Rainbow Flag Award



At Parkhead Primary School, we are proud to be a Rainbow Flag Award holder. Through achieving this award, which focuses on positive LGBT+ inclusion (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), we are demonstrating a commitment to improving the lives of all young people that we work with, including those that are LGBT+, those from LGBT+ families, as well as LGBT+ staff members.


To achieve the Rainbow Flag Award, we were required to take a positive whole-school approach to LGBT+ inclusion, focusing on six areas of the school. Through this year-long process of self-assessment and ongoing monitoring and feedback, we have had access to a variety of resources and interventions, helping us to meet the standards in each of the Rainbow Flag Award areas.


Skilled Teacher: Staff, including Senior Leadership Teams and non-teaching staff, can recognise and consistently challenge and report LGBTphobia, and are confidently using positive and appropriate language around LGBT+ identities.

Supportive Govenors and Parents: Governors and parents understand the need to combat LGBTphobia through positive education and representation, and know where to go for information, and if needed, support.

Effective Policies: Effective policies are in place to address LGBTphobia and positively support whole-organisation LGBT+ inclusion.

Inclusive Curriculum: LGBT+ people and identities are positively represented across all areas of the curriculum. This includes lessons and activities that are LGBT+ inclusive, as well as those that are LGBT+ specific.

Pastoral Supports: Children and young people wishing to explore/express their gender and/or sexuality feel supported to do so. Skilled staff from within the organisation support them, including through signposting and referrals to appropriate local youth work services.

Student Voice: Student-led initiatives are valued and supported to create an LGBT+ inclusive and positive environment.