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Reading Plus

Reading Plus

In Years 5 and 6 we use Reading Plus to develop our children’s reading comprehension and fluency skills. The children access the program three times per week in school, in addition to other reading comprehension lessons. They are also able to access it at home.


Reading Plus is a personalised online program that develops the skills children need to be confident, capable readers and lifelong learners. The program is individual to each child and continually adapts instruction based on their progress. Reading Plus can be accessed anywhere with internet access, so children can access it at home too.


How does Reading Plus Work?

The children begin by completing an online assessment that assesses their motivation, understanding of vocabulary and comprehension. Based on the outcomes of this assessment, children are then allocated texts that they can choose from. These are a mixture or fiction and non-fiction. Children are able to search and select these based on topics that interest them. As the children read, there is a guided reading window that moves along the words at the correct pace for them. This supports attention, fluency and understanding. Students and teachers can adjust the speed of this if necessary.


After reading the text they answer 10 multiple choice questions. During this activity, they have the option to reread sections of the text to find answers. Children need to score 80% or more to begin to make combos. As the children get consistently high scores they will move up levels and be rewarded with certificates and messages from their teacher.


Children can also complete vocabulary and visual skills tasks as well.