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Welcome to our Cherry Class Page. Here you can find out about all about the exciting things we have been doing and learning about in school. 


Autumn 1

This half term in Maths we have focused on place value. We have been working with numbers up to 1000, identifying how many hundreds, tens and ones are in a number. We partitioned our numbers in different ways, ordered them and compared them.


In our PE lessons, we have been doing Commando Joe’s missions and Dance. In our Commando Joe’s sessions, we looked at the explorer Ed Stafford who walked the length of the Amazon Rainforest. In our missions, we developed our team work skills and resilience through different tasks such as obstacle courses and team races. In our dance sessions we were spies, we copied and remembered choreography and then added to this by creating our own actions.


We have been very busy in Science this half term, we have been learning about Rocks and Soils. In our lessons, we have looked at the different types of rocks and created our own Sedimentary rock sandwiches to help us remember the different layers. We found out about how soil is made and investigated to find the most permeable soil. At the end of our Rocks and Soils topic, we learnt about a palaeontologist called Mary Anning and we found out about how fossils are made. We ended our learning by making our very own fossils.


Autumn 2

In PE, we worked with Miss Thompson who introduced us to boxercise. We enjoyed developing our boxing skills with a partner and improving our fitness along the way. These sessions were great for developing our hand-eye co-ordination.

In our Science lessons, our topic was Food and our Bodies. In this topic, we looked at the diet of different animals and sorted animals into carnivores, omnivores or herbivores. We then focused on the human diet, we used the eat well plate to sort foods into their different food groups. We investigated how much sugar is in different drinks and were surprised by some of the results. Finally, we looked at the human skeleton and labelled the main bones and joints.

During December we enjoyed lots of Christmas activities. We had a magical time at Winter Wonderland in our school forest where we enjoyed hot chocolate and s’mores around the fire. We made jingle sticks and enjoyed playing with our friends. We enjoyed a visit to St Paul’s Church where we found out about the Christmas Story and enjoyed making some art. To end the year, we dressed up for our Christmas party where we had lots of fun playing games and dancing.

Spring 1

During the Spring term, we had lots of fun in our Commando Joe’s sessions. These sessions are great for building our communication, resilience and teamwork skills. We found out about the famous explorer Nellie Bly who was widely known for her record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days. We took part in missions that took us all around the world just like her. We also enjoyed football training with Miss Thompson.

In Geography we found out all about rainforests, we learned about the where in the world we would find a rainforest and the climate of a rainforest. We found out about the different layers of the rainforest and the animals we would find in each layer. We were very interested to discover than the Amazon rainforest is home to many indigenous tribes and we enjoyed finding out about their way of life and comparing it to our own. To support our learning, we took a trip the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens where we enjoyed a workshop about the Amazon rainforest. We then explored the Treetop Walkway which was our favourite part!

In our PSHCE lessons, our topic was Dreams and Goals. For our final lesson, we were set a challenge to create the funniest potato person. We worked in teams to complete the challenge then presented our potatoes to the rest of the class. They were all fantastic!

Spring 2

In Science, we looked at light and shadow. We enjoyed conducting many investigations using the torches. We looked at how a shadow changes size depending on the position of the sun and discovered it would be the smallest at midday. We also looked at what happens to a shadow when an object moves closer and further away from a light source.

In PE we enjoyed gymnastic sessions where we looked a different balances, including partner balances. We found different ways to travel and perfected different jumps. We put all of these new skills together to create a short routine. A highlight of this unit was definitely getting the apparatus out.