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Extra-Curricular Clubs

At Parkhead, we offer a range of extra-curricular activities to children of all ages, both within the school day and after school. We believe these activities are an essential part of our children's school experience and help our pupils to further develop their interests and learn new skills. 


Clubs Running 2023-24


Autumn Term

· Boxercise Yrs 3 – 5 – Mrs Thompson

· Dodgeball KS2 – Mrs Thompson

· Football Y5/6 – Mrs Thompson

· Choir KS2 – Mrs Leach

· History Club KS2 – Mrs Myers

· Bike Track Y2 – Mrs Thompson

· Craft Club Y1 – Mrs Lambert

· Reading Club KS1 – Miss Taylor

· Science Club Y3/4 – Miss Brown

· Friendship and games Y3/4 – Miss Glenton

· Sewing Y5/6 – Ms Southern

· Homework Club Y5/6 -Support staff

· Football Y2-4 – Mrs Thompson

· Tennis KS2 – Mrs Thompson

· Bench ball Y4-6 – Mrs Thompson


Spring Term

To be confirmed