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Welcome to Nursery! Our Class name is 'Seedlings'.


Our Teacher is Mrs Kirby.  We are supported by Mrs Wallwork and Mrs Lang. 



Autumn Term 1

We are incredibly proud of how well all our new starters have settled in to nursery life. We had a super busy first half term, filled with singing, dancing, building, creating, drawing etc. The list goes on! Here are a few photos of things we have been up to in Autumn term 1!

Autumn Term 2

Autumn term 2 was an incredibly busy term for the Seedlings! We started off by talking about Remembrance Day and did lots of art work around it. At the start of December, Buddy the Elf came to join us for the festive period. He enjoyed hiding each day for the children to find him. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas sing along with our families joining us in nursery. The singing was fantastic! In the last week, we were so excited to venture down to Winter wonderland in our school woods. Santa left us a sack full of presents and we enjoyed some hot chocolate! We also had our Christmas party where we danced, sang and played games. And finally, on the last day of term, we were lucky enough to watch a pantomime - The Littlest Elf!

Spring Term 1

This half term the children in nursery loved learning about Chinese New Year. We started by learning about how each of the years were named after animals. We put resources out in our continuous provision for the children to explore. The home corner was a firm favourite! We practiced using chop sticks, which some of us were really good at! We also made some dragons, practiced our fine motor skills by feeding pom-poms to the dragon using tweezers, ordered numbers 1-5, made lots of lovely pictures and made a display on the entrance to nursery show casing all the lovely things we have done! We even did the dragon dance after watching a video about it. This gave us a chance to use the musical instruments in our classroom. It was lovely to hear that some of the children had been telling their grown ups at home all about the lovely things we have been doing! 

Dragon Dance

Still image for this video

Spring Term 2

This half term was another busy one in nursery. We celebrated World Book Day by snuggling up in our pyjamas and sharing stories all day.


We also celebrated Mrs Kirby's special birthday which turned into a massive learning experience for the children. We learned all about New York, made Statue of Liberty hats, planned and held birthday party and made birthday cards. 


The children are beginning to show increasing independence as we near the end of the year which is lovely to see. We are seeing more and more children putting their own coats on, helping themselves to milk and putting our dressing up clothes on by themselves.


One of our key texts for this half term was Jasper's Beanstalk. We enjoyed planting cress seeds and looking after them to see what they needed to grow! 

Summer Term 1

This half term we talked about the changes the season of Spring has brought, We made spring flowers and blossom trees using different mediums,


We also celebrated St George's day. We read the story, made flags, made St George and his dragon, ordered pictures from the story, practised our fine motor skills using pencils and scissors and played a game to slay the dragon!


We do daily Letters and Sounds games in nursery and some of our children showed great interest in making musical shakers. We explored the music wall outside then provided the children with the tools needed to make shakers. We then sang one of our key rhymes for this half term and used our shakers as we sang!

Summer Term 2

Summer term 2 marked the beginning of the Euros 2024. In nursery, we used football related song in each of our Dough Disco sessions for the week, we designed football kits, we did a sweep stake with our children so each child has a country to back, we matched the flags for each country to the flags on our bunting in nursery, we played finger football (along with our very own referee who used a whistle to mark the beginning and end of each game) and to mark the start of England's first game, we waved our flags and wished them good luck!