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Small Change Challenge

SPLAT Small Change Challenge

Do you have any loose change lying around? If so, keep a hold of it because….


  • 1,2,3,4 SPLAT declares a small change war!


In September, all classes at Parkhead will be named after a tree to reflect the outdoor learning philosophy and wonderful outdoor environment we have at school.  We have therefore decided to create a fun challenge to coincide with this


In a nutshell…….each class will be given an empty jar which has been labelled with their new class name.


The ‘aim of the game’ is to fill your class jar with as many 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins as you can!


You score a point for every coin that is added to the jar! The more coins you add, the more points you get!!


The class with the most points when the challenge is over will get to spend the contents of their jar on a little treat.


The money raised by the other classes will go directly to SPLAT to allow us to continue to support the installation of outdoor fixed play equipment.


The challenge will run throughout the whole of September and, of course, will begin the day we return from our summer break on Tuesday 6th.


So, get collecting all your loose change over the next 6 weeks to send in with your child and let’s see how much we can raise whilst having a little bit of fun across school.